I fell in love with design in 2000 when I started working on a website I needed using GeoCities. One year later I wanted a more advanced design for a website, but did not know how to do it myself. So, I did what anyone else in that situation would do. I shopped around.


That was a mistake and an eye-opener. The cheapest web designer I could find back in 2003 was asking $200 for a consultation. This is just to talk to me about what kind of website I wanted. All in all the final quote for what I wanted would have been about $5000. That is not counting labor. $150 per page. $200 per image. Just too much if you ask me.


So I decided to take it upon myself to learn some HTML and went to school through the Personal Career Development Institute, or PCDI for short. I got all the materials I needed in the mail, and sent my tests and any other work I had to do in via mail. By May of 2003, I had my Web Design Diploma.


I have designed wedding invitations for not only myself but friends and family. I have designed bridal shower and baby shower invitations, and baby shower games and have been told I should offer that service. I am currently working towards earning my BA in Graphic Design from Southern New Hampshire University.


I make business cards, brochures, menus for restaurants, web pages, and graphics along with personalized invitations, party games, tee shirts, and forum designs. This is something I feel passionately about and I know that not everyone can afford to pay $5000, or $3000 to have a website made. That’s why I am affordable.